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Two years ago, we embarked on a comprehensive assessment of the technology and cyber security posture at UCLA. We conducted more than 140 interviews, as well as focus groups and listening sessions with every college and unit, to evaluate our current IT environment and gather your ideas for improvements. We then shared our findings with more than 250 stakeholders across campus in nearly 30 sessions and further refined our recommendations based on your extensive, thoughtful input.

The findings from this study were the impetus for the creation of the Digital Campus Roadmap. The Digital Campus Roadmap provides the pathway—aligned with the strategic goals of the university—that enables an IT support model of excellence and enhances the teaching, learning, and research experience at UCLA.

UCLA’s exceptional endeavors deserve comprehensive, forward-thinking technology solutions. To meet the needs of today’s campus and tomorrow’s leaders, we have identified a set of strategic priorities entitled the Digital Campus Roadmap. Guided by these objectives, stakeholders throughout UCLA IT will collaboratively design and implement strategies that reinforce the university’s current standard of excellence while taking a proactive approach to future campus priorities.