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Research Data Working Group

The Research Data Working Group (RDWG) establishes a critical voice to advocate for research data. The RDWG promotes an institutionally developed research infrastructure that protects and manages UCLA’s intellectual property and identify strategies to support the research data lifecycle within a system that is accessible, robust, and secure. The goal of the RDWG is to develop a high-level view of research and research data needs at UCLA. The group seeks to construct an institutional support model for researchers built around the necessary technical, physical, and human infrastructure that, streamlines and incentivizes data best practices, encourages collaboration and data sharing, and ensures compliance, security, and accountability related to funder requirements.

Put simply, the RDWG aims to acknowledge and address how the campus will identify, store, preserve, and disseminate our digital research output. This group considers five key areas as they relate to research data: policies, technical infrastructure, personnel, pedagogy, and emerging research trends. The executive sponsors of the RDWG are Roger Wakimoto, Jim Davis, Virginia Steel, Lucy Avetisyan, and Ellen Pollack.

Academic Senate Committee on Data, Information Technology and Privacy

The Committee on Data, Information Technology, and Privacy (CDITP) represents the UCLA Academic Senate on all matters relating to the acquisition, deployment, and usage of communication and information technology, intellectual property, privacy and data technology. The CDITP serves as the Division's primary representative for the consideration of data, its collection, access, use, protection, and ownership (including the issues of privacy, security, instruction, research, and education); and maintains an active relationship with the Systemwide University Committee on Academic Computing and Communications (UCACC) through its UCACC representative. CDITP consults regularly with, the Chief Information Officer, and the Chief Privacy Officer on all matters as it relates to policies, practices, and governance of information technology. The Committee on Data, Information Technology, and Privacy will interact with the Vice Chancellor for Administration and the Vice Chancellor for Academic Personnel.  

The CDITP is composed of seven voting members, the Chief Information Officer, and the Chief Privacy Officer. For more information on the CDIPT, please visit the Academic Senate's Committee's and Councils website

Financial Aid Cloud Environment Technology 

The Financial Aid Cloud Environment Technology (FACET) project team oversees UCLA’s work to migrate all financial aid services to a sustainable, cloud-based platform, with the ultimate goal of enabling administrative excellence and providing students and families with an enhanced customer experience. The FACET project team makes decisions on operational processes and system configuration working across the campus with various stakeholders who are direct users of the financial aid systems, or who are indirectly impacted by the system migration. The FACET team escalates critical decisions regarding operational processing and configuration to the Financial Aid and Scholarships office, and critical decisions with cross-departmental impacts are escalated to the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee, chaired by the Executive Director of Financial Aid and Scholarships, supports and advises the project leaders by adhering to the guiding principles along with the mission of providing UCLA’s students, families, and staff with an intuitive and informative financial aid experience and a vision to transform financial aid to deliver student-centric processes, improved student and staff interface, as well as an integrated and automated system built for compliance, accuracy and to support a customer-oriented team for the project.

Bruin Learn Working Group

The Bruin Learn Working Group (BLWG) advises on how to maintain and advance the Bruin Learn LMS as a foundational component of a world-class, integrated teaching and learning experience for faculty and students that sets the standard for teaching excellence, academic achievement, and inclusivity. The BLWG is one of several working groups of the Academic Technology Committee within UCLA’s IT governance structure. In coordination with the Academic Technology Committee, the BLWG collaborates across other working groups and with corresponding bodies in the teaching and learning centers to achieve its mission. The BLWG is chaired by the LMS COE Director and a designee of campus teaching and learning leadership.