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Reimagine IT: Talent

UCLA has embarked on a digital transformation effort, named the Digital Campus Roadmap, which consists of more than 15 unique projects that together work to strengthen the foundation of campus technology and drive innovation to advance the mission of the university. This set of initiatives provides the pathway — aligned with the strategic goals of the university — that enables an IT support model of excellence and enhances the end-user experience across campus. To implement the Digital Campus Roadmap, ITS is undergoing an organizational initiative entitled Reimagine IT: Talent.

Reimagine IT: Talent offers technologists clear career pathways, an effective organizational structure and access to valuable professional development activities. These meaningful learning opportunities enable staff to reskill and upskill while informing them of the latest industry best practices. This initiative reduces many of today’s inefficiencies, improves the quality and reliability of IT services to our campus and increases our agility to allow us to build and maintain the next generation of IT platforms that are essential to retaining UCLA’s status as the nation’s top public university.

Reimagine IT: Talent is an important step in the implementation of the Digital Campus Roadmap. At the end of this journey, our new ways of working will enable IT at UCLA to become a:

  • Leader of technology and research innovation
  • Provider of exceptional customer service
  • Workplace capable and ready to support UCLA
  • Leader of equity, diversity, and inclusion
  • Trusted strategic partner to the campus
  • Provider of modern technology solutions

To become a part of our team, please visit UCLA Careers and view our open positions.

Key Areas of Focus

The Reimagine IT: Talent initiative aims to fundamentally transform how ITS delivers services across UCLA. Below, we outline the key components of this transformative initiative, each designed to align with UCLA's broader mission and values.

Reimagine IT: Talent consists of Organization Design, Culture, Employee Journey, ITS Academy, and Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Activities


The organization design will provide clarity on roles and responsibilities, reporting structures, and career pathways.
We are committed to anchoring ITS in a culture grounded in innovation, partnership, and your sense of fulfillment. This will guide how we act and collaborate daily.
Image of ITS Culture Values including Innovation, Employee Fulfillment, Teamwork, Respect, Excellence, Integrity, Service, and Accountability.
The transformation we will go through will help standardize the positions in ITS and align them with the appropriate career pathways. We have also completed a compensation analysis. In addition, revision of job descriptions, compensation assessments adjustments, and talent development plans will further improve our IT workforce talent management practices.
ITS staff will receive opportunities for enhanced professional development. Additionally, staff will have access to resources that will enable them to reskill and upskill
We will align with UCLA’s Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) mission and key initiatives to lead and advance strategies to enhance EDI; protect civil rights; and uphold dignity for all in our communities

Reimagine IT: Talent Guiding Principles

In partnership with ITS leaders in Fall of 2022, we created guiding principle to help lead our way through the Reimagine IT: Talent initiative. These guiding principles include clarity of vision, accountability for resources, career advancement, exceptional customer service, and a positive culture.

organizational design

Benefits of Reimagine IT: Talent 

Individual ITS staff members, the ITS organization, and UCLA campus and customers will see numerous benefits from the Reimagine IT: Talent initiative. Explore 7 benefits to the UCLA campus and customers in greater detail below.  

Increased Security: The initiative aims to create a safer digital environment for the entire campus community by safeguarding sensitive data and resources. 

Learning & Development Opportunities: The program ensures that all IT services are delivered by highly skilled staff to maximize quality and efficiency. 

Modern Ways of Working: The transformation brings about improved and streamlined services for customers across the campus. 

Improved Customer Service & User Experience: Customers will experience faster service request support, products designed with a human-centered focus, specialized support, and access to comprehensive training programs. 

Tech-Enabled Teaching & Learning: The project supports the academic mission of UCLA, enhances the classroom experience, and promotes student success. 

Enhanced Network and Security Posture: Users can expect faster and more reliable wireless connections as well as strengthened network security features. 

Data-Driven Decisions: The initiative will empower data-driven decisions by providing easier access to relevant and up-to-date information.