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Goal Alignment

UCLA IT Services strategic goals are designed to support the university’s commitment to academic and operational excellence. By enhancing the digital landscape, we empower faculty, staff, and students with advanced tools and services that are key for today’s educational and administrative demands. Visit our By the Numbers Report to see how we are progressing with these goals. We diligently align our strategic goals with the administration strategic plan and priorities and UCLA's strategic plan.

  • Elevate the UCLA student, faculty, and staff experience through flexible and user-friendly solutions.  
  • Empower our academic community with a dynamic ecosystem of technologies and digital spaces suited for the future of teaching and learning.   
  • Provide modern applications that meet the academic, research, and admin needs of the university.  
  • Enable strategic decision-making through fully integrated institutional data and analytics platforms. 
  • Address major technical /non-technical challenges that hinder UCLA's overall info security maturity.  
  • Unify systems and structures to simplify and secure the digital landscape.  
  • Champion continuous improvement, consistently refining both business processes and technology to elevate service delivery.  
  • Be a trusted strategic partner to the campus. 
  • Provide exceptional customer service and a workforce ready to support UCLA's continued ascent.  
  • Cultivate an organizational culture that promotes Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI), sustainability and our ITS value—innovation, employee fulfillment and teamwork.