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Research IDRE Board (Institute for Digital Research & Education)

The Research IDRE Board focuses on research data and advanced research technology resource needs across campus. The Research IDRE Board: 

  • Provides vision, direction, oversight, recommendations, and strategic planning for advanced digitally-enabled research 
  • Advocates for resources, infrastructure, technologist expertise, and related services necessary for innovative, digitally enabled research

Cyber-Risk & Data Privacy Governance Committee

The Cyber Risk and Data Privacy Governance Committee (CRDPGC) provides oversight of cyber-risk management, data privacy and protection, and cyber-risk incident response related to UCLA’s data information systems.  The committee’s scope includes the protection, storage, use, and management of electronic data assets used for academic, research, or administrative purposes, whether stored or transmitted in electronic form and may consist of data, systems, networks, or documents created from electronic data. The Cyber Risk and Data Privacy Governance Committee:

  • Reviews and recommends changes to cybersecurity and data privacy policies, standards, and guidelines
  • Reviews and endorses cyber-risk mitigation and response plans
  • Reviews and endorses information security standards consistent with acceptable risk tolerances

Plans for the Data Governance, Administrative Technology and Academic Technology Committees are underway.