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The Digital Campus Roadmap will ensure the future IT operating model excels both in strengthening the foundation of technology at UCLA and advancing the mission of the university.

Image depicting that the Digital Campus Roadmap consists of two factions: Strengthening the Foundation and Advancing the Mission. Each has related initiatives.


Strengthening the Foundation

Strengthening the foundation of IT at UCLA will focus on campus infrastructure, information security, and application modernization. These initiatives will streamline IT systems and structures to simplify our digital landscape, enhance our core technical capabilities, and safeguard our IT environment. The Digital Campus Roadmap will allow UCLA to modernize its core technology services through key operational improvements and strategic enhancements (i.e., unification of our campus network, improvements in our procurement process enabled by Jaggaer, etc.). These efforts will also eliminate redundancy and unsupported software applications and deploy modern solutions to address unmet needs.

  • Enterprise Infrastructure SolutionsAllows UCLA to modernize its technology services through key operational improvements and strategic enhancements.
  • Enterprise Information SecurityAddresses major technical and non-technical challenges that hinder UCLA's overall information security maturity. 
  • Application ModernizationEliminates redundancy and unsupported applications and deploys modern applications to address unmet user needs.

Advancing the Mission

Advancing the mission will focus on supporting flexible, holistic, and user-friendly experiences and designing an ecosystem of teaching and learning technologies in partnership with campus stakeholders (i.e., enhancements to classroom technology, modernization of data services to assist in data quality and availability, etc.). These efforts will be a catalyst for creativity by enabling better information management and analytic capabilities and improving the faculty, researcher, staff, and student experience.

  • Customer Experience & Relationship Management: Leverages current capabilities and a common approach to expanding customer experience and relationship management across campus.
  • Enterprise Data and Analytics: Develops defined data governance and modernized data capabilities that will enable advanced analytics through emerging technologies.
  • Academic Technology: Transforms educational models through technology to foster innovation in learning, teaching, and discovery.